Advice and tips: How to Hire a painter

A Step-by Step Guide for Homeowners: How to Hire a House Painter.

Did you know you are in RISK of losing you home if you choose the WRONG house painter?

Homeowners needlessly put themselves in risk because they don’t know what to look for or what critical questions to ask when hiring a house a painter. One of the easiest ways to get into trouble is by hiring illegal immigrants, day labors and /or uninsured painter to do the job. Stay a way from paint contractor who used inexperienced painters. Avoid the Contractor Scam! Look out for fast talking contractors who simply come into your home to “sell the job” and then hire unskilled worker to paint it “subcontractor”.

There are basically three types of painters that work in our area.


These are people who do odds and end job around the neighborhood for beer and cigarette money. They may or may not show up and they are most likely not insured.


Good for pinch if you need paint slapped on garage floor but the best choice I you’re looking for great looking lasting paint job. Pay Check Painters are painters who may only have few months of painting experience. Often they use low quality of paint and do not stand behind their work…They are looking for pay check from you rather than looking to build a long relationship. These people usually won’t even measure up your job; they will ”Eye ball” the work and pick the price out of thin air or write it on the back of their business card… 

If a painter doesn’t use a contract that specifically out line the work to be done, type of paint to be used etc. how will you are getting what you are paying for? Avoid the painter who tells they will work for “time and Materials”. It should send up a RED FLAG if they tell you that they will paint for an hourly rate if you purchase the materials!

Look out for these painters, usually they don’t use written estimates and their skills are usually only slightly better than average NON-Painter. You may be duped into using one of these painters because they think they can save a buck, but keep in mind YOU will be the one taking on ALL the risk and is it really worth saving a buck if it means you could get sued?


The price difference between a Pay Check Painter and Professionals painters isn’t worth the risk. The peace of mind you will gain from using a professional is priceless. It will actually SAVE your money to get the job done right the first time.

What should you look for in professional house painter?

  • Outstanding Customer Services first and foremost.
  • Exceeding expectation and always doing a bit more than promised.
  • Providing Quality paint jobs at affordable price.
  • Offering added value and incentive to the homeowners.
  • Becoming the painters of choice and building long term relationships with you.

There are 5 important things to keep in mind and compare the estimates:

1- Is the painters had insurance?

The first sign of caring trustworthy painter is that he/she insured. That mean they have taken the time to follow the rules. Don’t be too shy to ask for proof…

Most professional painters will carry a copy of proof of liability insurance with them. ( ask if they can get a copy for you).

2- Are quality references provided?

Ask the painters to provide you with a few quality references from past satisfied customers. You can verify the quality of their work by making a quick call to the references provided. Simply ask the person referenced two questions

  1. Were you happy with the painter’s characters and work ethic?
  2. Were you happy with the quality of finished paint job?

3- Affordable Prices.

We know for a lot of homeowners price is very important issue, but what does affordable really mean, how can you be sure you are not paying too much? These are great questions:

Affordable means competitive. Remember painting is skill that takes years to acquire, everyone think can paint, but to get consistently professional looking finished products takes knowledge and training.

No two painters are exactly alike so no two prices will be identical. There is no right price range. I don’t always mean that you will get better paint job if you pay a highs price and vice versa. The best way to find out the right price range is to get multiple estimates from qualified professional’s house painter. Look for painters whom offer value incentives like Senior Discount, Cash discount or free touch up services etc…

NEVER Do Business without a Written Estimate or (Agreement; Contract).

4. Estimate and/or Contract:

We have heard many horror stories about a good price being agreed and half way through the job the painters says it’s going to talk longer than expected and cost a lot more. The homeowner won’t have much choice, they either have to pay the extra charge to have the job finished or stuck with half done painting. The best thing to look for is a professionally typed estimate outlines in detail everything that is to be done on the painting job (this leave no surprises for either party). You have communicated your expectation and concerns to the painter and he done his due diligence and known exactly what the job entails you have a concrete written contract and know that you are going to get what you paid for.

This type of estimate (contract, agreement) should also have a place for both parties to sign in. This is the best scenario for everyone.

5. Up-Front Deposit and payment:

Try to stay away from contractors who ask for a large up-front deposit. The deposit should be only be enough to cover the materials and paint needed to get started. The next payment(s) will depend on the progress of the work and should be agreed in front or by the written contract. Now schedule estimates with few different painters to get an idea of the price range and type of personality’s out there.

Then evaluate the estimates and painters this check list below:

  • Were they insured?
  • Was the estimate typed or neatly written with detailing work be done?
  • How was their personality-were they friendly, excited & knowledgeable?
  • Did they measured the job and asked questions?
  • Were references provided?
  • Did they advice you as you walked the job together?

Renovation are the right choice because:

  • Our many of past satisfied customers, so you can feel secure knowing you will get a beautiful long lasting paint job at affordable price done by someone you can trust.
  • I offer the best warranted in the GTA, which includes a FREE 2 years touch up services on every painting job.
  • Customers will have peace of mind for all their needs because we are insured, so they and their properties are protected, and the work place will be always clean and teddy and that is our promise
  • I include a list of references that will be happy to tell you about their experience using
  • I also offer 10% our Senior Citizen Discount, as well as pass long all paint and materials discounts I receive. Which means you will get top line paint for less than other painters charge for inferior products.

Call now to schedule your paint job.